A liquid fertilizer production facility to be built in Kazakhstan

Prometey Agro intends to build a liquid fertilizer production plant in the north of Kazakhstan.

“A balanced diet is important for plants. One of its most essential elements is nitrogen. We applied it through ammonium nitrate, but the assimilability of dry fertilizers is low, while with liquid fertilizers it’s 80%. It is effective to apply them when sowing. We tested this last year. There is a special installation which allows to prepare a solution, fill it into the machine right there in the field and start working. You don’t have to go around with powders and cans. Everything is dosed automatically,” said Yury Shol, the Head of Prometey Agro.

The Head of North-Kazakhstan Region where the plant is to be located, Kumar Aksakalov, viewed the Prometey Agro project favorably.

“This is a great project. The prime cost of locally made products is twice cheaper than that of imported ones: when you produce yourself, control the quality, and check the components. We should have this kind of production in each region. We can manufacture such equipment by ourselves rather than buy it from the outside. There is nothing difficult in this,” said Aksakalov with confidence.

Source: Kazinform

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