Tatarstan soils are properly treated with fertilizers

With the autumn application, the fields of Tatarstan have accumulated around 163 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers (in terms of 100% of nutrients). One cropland hectare contains 56.8 kg of agrochemicals.

Before the beginning of field work, they plan to add at least 70 thousand tons of fertilizers so that to achieve 70 kg per 1 ha.

They most actively replenish plants and increase soil fertility in Zainsky (140% to the estimate), Tukayevsky (133.5%), Tetyushsky (121.7%), Sabinsky (117.7%), Sarmanovsky (115.4%), and Menzelinsky (114.8%) districts of Tatarstan.

The work is not carried out intensively enough in Agryzsky, Verkhneuslonsky, Novosheshminsky, and Cheremshansky districts: in these, around 30% of scheduled fertilizers have been applied so far.

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