PhosAgro expands supplies to farmers in Tatarstan

PhosAgro-Region (part of PhosAgro) has completed the first stage of the project to build a new mineral fertilizer distribution center in Tatarstan. The first batch was shipped in early July, said PhosAgro-Region CEO, Andrey Vovk.

The new center became the 32nd in the PhosAgro-Region network, the 3rd in the Volga Federal District and the 2nd in Tatarstan. When investment program is completed, the one-time storage capacity of the center will reach 40 thousand tons. Thus, it will become one of the largest distribution centers in the PhosAgro-Region network. Until the end of 2024, the company plans to invest about 200 million rubles ($3.5 million) in the creation and development of the center.

“In less than a year, we have launched the second distribution center in Tatarstan for the accumulation, storage and shipment of granular mineral fertilizers. In the future, we plan to create an infrastructure to store liquid fertilizers in the center, the use of which will allow farmers to reduce climate risks and achieve high yields even in hot and dry weather,” said Andrey Vovk. “Besides opportunity for the advance purchasing of mineral fertilizers of PhosAgro and storing them close to the fields, farmers will be able to use our agronomic services, such as agrochemical soil analysis and monitoring of crops. Thus, we will ensure the reliability of the supply and rational use of modern mineral fertilizers to farmers in the region.”

PhosAgro-Region began direct work in Tatarstan in 2014, today one of its regional offices is successfully operating in Kazan. Over the past seven years, PhosAgro-Region has been increasing the supply of mineral fertilizers to the farmers of Tatarstan by an average of 15% annually. In 2018, PhosAgro-Region launched the first distribution center, which ensured a 30% increase in supplies.

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