Russian scientists developed a promising technology

Specialists of Kazan Federal University (KFU) have developed a technology for producing a biochar, said Svetlana Selivanovskaya, director of the Institute of Ecology and Nature Management of KFU.

“We have developed a technology for producing biochar from chicken droppings, an installation that allows you to get this biochar under controlled conditions. We have developed a technology for introducing this bio-enchantment and, in addition, we are able to apply microorganisms to this bio-enchant so that the plants not only receive nutrients, but also these microorganisms help plants protect themselves from diseases,” said she.

Biochar is a product of the pyrolysis of organic waste. University specialists use chicken manure as waste, since it contains a lot of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. Biochar, according to Svetlana Selivanovskaya, can also be obtained from wood (shavings, sawdust) and elevator (husk) waste.

Scientists are implementing the project as part of the federal target program. Three years ago, they conducted appropriate laboratory tests, then created a facility where they received a large amount of biochar and then used it in the fields of Zainsky Sugar Plant.

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