Tatarstan scientists created the brand new iodine fertilizer

The scientists of the Institute of Environmental Sciences of Kazan University have created an organic fertilizer for crops to increase its iodine content. They have developed a technology for thermal processing of chicken manure to produce biochar.

“Nowadays there is a lot of talk about functional nutrition of food products. This means that food products should contain additional elements necessary for a person, for example, it should be enriched with protein, amino acids, and microelements.

The republic of Tatarstan and the Volga region as a whole are iodine deficient territories. Basically, iodine is replenished in mineral form. Understanding this problem, we, in turn, suggest modifying biochar obtained from chicken manure by adding mineral iodine,” said Director of the Institute of Environmental Sciences Svetlana Selivanovskaya. “Such fertilizer allows plants to accumulate iodine. When this plant is consumed, a person fills the iodine deficiency. With this fertilizer, we can increase soil fertility, as well as obtain functional food products enriched with iodine.”

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