Uralchem will make direct supplies to Nigeria

The Managing Director of Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority, Uche Orji, and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uralchem, Dmitry Konyaev, signed an agreement on the supply of mineral fertilizers to Nigeria. It will be implemented as part of the initiative of the President of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari to provide Nigerian farmers with agrochemicals.

The governor of the Jigawa State, Abubakar Badaru, said afterwards that the agreement was an important milestone in the President Mohammad Bukhari’s efforts to support the country’s agriculture.

“As we recall, President Vladimir Putin invited African presidents of which our president was there and during one of their side meetings, Putin proposed the possibility of Nigeria buying potash from a company in Russia,” noted Abubakar Badaru.

According to Mr Badaru, the agreement will stabilize the prices of fertilizer mixtures produced at local enterprises in Nigeria.

“The beauty of this deal is that this is a direct purchase; no commissioned agent and also because of the discussion of the two leaders, the price was reduced by some percentage-very competitive, emphasized Abubakar Badaru. It is a very good development for our farmers and we have to thank the president for this initiative and also thank the president of Russia for bringing this up and having his company to supply us at a competitive price,” he said.

The Russian Ambassador to Nigeria, Aleksey Shebarshin, in his turn confirmed that the signing of the agreement is of strategic importance, since the agriculture of Nigeria needs intensive development.

Source: Pulse Nigeria

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