Zimbabwe is nearing collapse

Mineral fertilizer producers in Zimbabwe are facing the market collapse caused by duty-free imports from South Africa and Zambia. As a result, Zimbabwe Fertilizer was forced to close its plant, the rest of the producers are preparing to do so.

Currently, at least 12 companies are importing mineral fertilizers into Zimbabwe duty-free for subsequent resale.

“There have been a lot of imports throughout the year. Some people are importing the commodity for resale because there is no duty charged,” fertiliser industry spokesman Mr Misheck Kachere has confirmed. “We have about 60 000 tonnes of fertilisers in stock… Fifty percent of fertilisers in this country are imported duty-free and this has affected local production. The local fertiliser industry is operating at 25 percent capacity utilisation.”

Mr Misheck Kachere noted the quality of the imported fertilizers was not superior to the local product. Some of them are actually of low quality but are being sold at a similar price with the local ones.

“We have adequate stocks for current demand and are supplying all farmers and corporates who have approached us. The critical issue is not how much stock is available, but rather how much funding is available because there is already an oversupply for the limited funding available to farmers and corporates,” has stated Windmill marketing executive Mr Wilson Gopoza.

Source: The Herald

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