Potash smugglers convicted in Belarus

The Pervomaisky District Court of Minsk (Belarus) brought in a verdict on the criminal case over the smuggling of potash fertilizers into Poland, aiding in abuse of official powers, as well as exceeding official powers.

Six people were found guilty. Four of them were directly involved in the sale of Belarusian fertilizers to Polish residents under the guise of Russian fertilizers.

Previously, the director and chief accountant of the private unitary enterprise had been convicted in this case. They had developed and implemented a criminal scheme. Under that scheme, fertilizers purchased by their company in Belaruskali for the prices declared for the sale to agricultural producers of Belarus had been sold under fake documents for cash under the guise of retail sale. The goods were also sold to one of the convicts on this verdict, who, in turn, had promised to purchase fertilizers under this scheme and draw up forged documents required for that.

Another person involved, being the director of another private unitary enterprise, had been accused of abuse of authority or official powers, but his actions were reclassified as dereliction of duty. He deliberately committed acts that clearly extended beyond the rights and powers conferred on him by service, entailing grave consequences by causing Belaruskali property damage on an especially large scale, as well as substantial harm to state interests.

The latter was expressed in the irrational and improper use of potash fertilizers intended for agriculture in Gomel Region, undermining the authority and discrediting of his position, demonstrating permissiveness, impunity, and gross neglect of existing regulatory and legislative acts.

All defendants are sentenced to imprisonment.

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