Voronezh agricultural lands to be digitally mapped

The Voronezh region is actively developing organic agriculture. Today, six enterprises with a total area of 4,740 hectares have entered a transition period. Last year, they did not apply mineral fertilizers and did not use chemicals.

“In 2020, we will involve at least five more enterprises in organic production. We are planning to support such enterprises as part of a new agricultural development program from 2020 to 2024, ”said Alexey Sapronov, the Head of the Department of Agricultural Policy.

By the instruction of the Governor, the project “Digital Agro-Ecological Zoning of the Voronezh Region for Organic Production” was created and begins to work. The map will serve as an aid to various industries of agribusiness, including the organic. It is worth noting that information about crops ant their rotation has already been entered into it. It is planned to further include all the information about organic farms, their products, and specialization into the digital map.

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