Digital Agro began to offer offline monitoring services

Digital Agro (part of Uralchem) has launched agro scouting — a new solution aimed at controlling agricultural production technologies. By combining offline monitoring of the state of cultivated areas and digital solutions, the company already provides its clients with objective data analytics to increase crop yields and reduce production costs.

Every year, due to a lack of control over agricultural operations, farmers lose up to 25% of their harvest. Mistakes can be revealed at all stages of crop cultivation: improper soil preparation, fertilization, sowing, or untimely or low-quality harvesting. The best way to avoid losses is to regularly inspect fields and crops, however, it’s not always possible for large farms. Difficulties arise both with hiring qualified personnel and the use of digital solutions due to their complicated introduction and adaptation.

To solve these issues, Digital Agro specialists presented their new product — agro scouting. The team combined a daily crop inspection and digital solutions for farm management. The synergy of the agro scouting services and information technologies allows the enterprise’s head agronomist to quickly receive data on the technology violations and achieve target values for yield.

Agro scouting helps to track all production stages from sowing to harvesting. During the season, specialists monitor the cultivated areas of the enterprise, assess the quality of work and compliance with the technology, and notify about violations. All information about the state of the fields is entered into a mobile application, which allows tracking the received data in real time. At the end of the season, specialists of agro scouting and the head of the enterprise analyze the final report, identifying the main problems and making recommendations to avoid them in the future. Over the several seasons, a database of the agricultural enterprise is being formed, which makes it possible to analyze the dynamics in indicators and optimize technologies to achieve the best yield and profit results.

Agro scouting services help to reduce losses due to the human factor, as well as reduce costs by the timely response to different issues and increase yield by 10-15% of all crops without amendments in the production technology. Digital Agro is currently working with farms from 5 thousand hectares, however, if agro scouting is already operating in the region, it’s possible to cooperate with farms of smaller areas.

“Agro scouting is the first example when the synergy of modern digital technologies and agro-expertise gives the best result in increasing yields. The analysis of satellite images using artificial intelligence, big data processing, the use of drones and computer vision technologies are already actively used by modern scouts. We believe that such an approach will bring global crop production to a completely different level and improve farmers’ efficiency,” said Sergey Koloskov, Digital Agro CEO.

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