A very high dollar claim has been brought against Uralkali

A hearing in the Arbitration Court of the Perm Region on the lawsuit of the Kopeysk Machine-Building Plant (KMZ, Chelyabinsk Region) against Uralkali is scheduled for April 16 this year.

According to the case file, KMZ wants to recover a fine of almost 46.255 million rubles (more than $ 647 thousand) from Uralkali. The reason for this claim is not reported in the case file.

Fertilizer Daily has sent an email to Andrey Sidorov, Head of PR at Uralkali, requesting for comments on the case, but no response has been received from him.

KMZ manufactures equipment for underground mining of mineral deposits, including potassium salts. Uralkali is one of the largest producers of potassium chloride in the world (by the end of 2019, its revenue amounted to $ 2.782 billion).

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