Uralchem joins Russian farmers in the flashmob

Uralchem employees took part in the flashmob #МыДляВасБезВыходных (we are here for you seven days a week) initiated by Russian Ministry of Agriculture and joined thousands of farmers across the country who are also participating in this campaign.

Colleagues from all the regions of Russia from the Far East to the Northwest federal district upload posts with this hashtag. They do it to reassure the public: everything goes according to the plan in their field of activities, and there are no such circumstances that can stop them from working. These people are responsible for the food security of the entire country. The campaign involves mineral fertilizer producers, agricultural machinery, food factories, fish canneries, veterinarians, zootechnicians and scientists.

Despite the complex epidemiologic situation, farmers continue working overtime. The height of agricultural works has begun, and it has already swept all the regions. As one of the most important tasks in agriculture is to seize the proper moment and weather conditions, needless to say, the farmers sometimes need to labor not only at the weekends but even at night.

Uralchem is proud of its employees, who, even in the hardest times, still keep the spirit at work to provide the country with a set-aside of food.

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