New soil protection laws approved in the Krasnodar territory

Members of the legislative assembly of the Krasnodar territory have passed two laws. They aim to preserve chernozem (black soil) and support agricultural producers.

Both documents are key to the further development of the agricultural sector of the region. For instance, the land fertility amendments suppose an increase in organic fertilizer. Now owners, users and land tenants are responsible for applying at least 9 tons of fertilizer every five years. Previously it was only 2 tons. The document also influences on cattle breeding, and it might become a good driver for this industry.

“We have adopted changes that contain tough but meaningful requirements to agricultural producers of the Krasnodar territory. Kuban land is under the threat of disease. It is just like all of us a hostage of the pandemic circumstances. However, we can wear a medical face mask to protect ourselves, while the land cannot save itself. It’s us who are responsible for the earth’s rescue. For it to continue feeding our children, grandchildren and many generations in the future,” Yuriy Burlachko commented on the adoption of the document.

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