Krasnodar region introduces new laws to increase soil fertility

Members of the legislative assembly of the Krasnodar region considered amendments to the law on ensuring the fertility of agricultural lands in the region.

The amendments are related to the indicators of land fertility. These indicators should be based on the soil, agrochemical, phytosanitary and ecological-toxicological surveys of plots from the agricultural lands.

According to Yuriy Burlachko’s statement, black soil is the wealth not only of Kuban but of the whole of Russia. That is why it’s necessary to create a system for recording indicators of soil fertility. The amendments will oblige the landowners to constantly increase the fertility of their soil and to provide access to their sites for specialists assessing the state of the land.

“It’s crucial that while applying pesticides and toxic chemicals, the current state of the land should be taken into account. Securing this requirement in law is an important step in increasing the production of environmentally friendly products, which are in ever-growing demand in the domestic and world markets,” noted Yuriy Burlachko.

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