India faces the boom in fertilizer sales

Ministry of Chemical Industry of India reports that in April 2020 sales of mineral fertilizers increased by 45.1% (compared with the same month last year) to 1.417 million tons.

According to the offered statistics, carbamide sales increased by 36.2% to 1.095 million tons, diammonium phosphate by 71.7% to 297 thousand tons, potassium chloride by 43% to 133 thousand tons, and NPK fertilizers by 81.4% to 390 thousand tons.

Moreover, such an impressive increase in the sale of mineral fertilizers is not an isolated case. Since November 2019, India has recorded double-digit growth in its sales.

“Continuous monsoons properly saturated soil with moisture. That allowed us to have the great Rabi season. Moreover, farmers were able to expand the cultivated area. Now they plan to use the high soil moisture over Kharif season. By the way, sales in April have already shown good results,” said a representative of the mineral fertilizer industry.

Source: The Indian Express

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