Russia plans to cultivate 4 million ha of unused land

Dzhambulat Hatuov, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia, held a meeting on the introduction of unused agricultural land.

According to his statements, the maximum use of agricultural land is a key factor for the intensive development of the agroindustrial complex. The efficient management of these lands will help to ensure food security and increase export potential. At the same time, unused land remains the territory of high risk. There are fires, weed vegetation, pests and diseases often appear on such land.

In 2019, 1.070 million hectares of unused arable land across the country (127.8% of the plan) put into circulation. Since 2021, all the regions will carry out the development of unused land in the framework of the state program.

According to Dzhambulat Hatuov’s statement, with government support, 4 million hectares of arable land will be put into circulation across the whole country until 2025. The implementation of this program will provide an annual increase in grain production by 1 million tons and oilseeds by 0.2 million tons.

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