Medical Plants utilize the power of AI

Israel-based company Medical Plants kicked off a joint project to analyze the state of cannabis plants it grows for the local market together with the Israeli-Russian agritech startup Fermata which specializes in developing AI-based solutions for the agricultural sector. As part of the project, Fermata will automate the process of early detection of mold on cannabis buds. Additionally, by using its proprietary algorithms, the company will optimize the process of cannabis buds’ curing, allowing the client to improve crop yields. The project will be carried out in the greenhouses with a floor space of 1 hectare where Medical Plants grows medical marijuana.

“We cultivate some of the best medical marijuana in Israel, and it enjoys a great level of consumer trust. For us, that’s the best assessment of our work. We are constantly finetuning our production process and providing special venues to test new technologies. We are convinced that Fermata will prove to the new stage of the medical marijuana market’s development,” says Ido Komeraz, Farm Manager in the Medical Plants company.

In 2018, the global turnover of the medical marijuana market exceeded $5B. By 2025, the forecasted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is set to exceed 29%, with 36.1% growth in Europe.

“Cultivation of medical use marijuana is a very regulated sector, and the quality of final product is monitored by the public health supervisory body. We realize how important it is for producers to monitor the quality of cultivated cannabis, and our experience and technology should prove very useful here. The Israeli Health Ministry estimates that today around 40,000 patients have medical marijuana prescriptions that demand 10 to 14 tons of cannabis per year,” says Valeria Kogan, co-founder and CEO of Fermata.

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