Fermata got funding for its development

Fermata, an Israeli-Russian startup developing agricultural technology, has raised $ 3.7 million from Massa Innovations, an international management company, and a group of private investors.

Prior to this, in February 2019, Fermata also raised 1.1 million during the seed round from a private business angel investor.

Fermata provides an artificial intelligence-based platform for monitoring plant health in real time. The system of cameras and computer vision software allows to automatically detect plant diseases and prevent their spread, as well as to control plant growth and development. Integration of visual and climate data makes it possible to predict crop yields, optimize costs at the enterprise and increase its profits.

“Up to 60% of the crop failure in Russia and the world is due to inability to curb the spread of plant diseases. Our task is to help manufacturers to preserve their harvest, as well as make it better and more affordable for consumers,” commented Valeria Kogan, co-founder and CEO of Fermata.

With the funds received from Massa Innovations, Fermata plans to develop current solutions, to upscale the product for field crops, as well as to enter the markets of Europe, the USA and China.

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