Belaruskali will be watched by a government supervisor

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Nikolai Snopkov has been appointed as the state representative in Belaruskali (fully state-owned enterprise).

Belaruskali has been in a state of partial strike for several days. Last Thursday, the strike committee reported that all the mining administrations of Belaruskali are working but not in full swing since some of the workers are on strike.

“The enterprise is partly on strike,” said the press secretary of the strike committee Gleb Sandras, but he wasn’t able to name the number of strikers.

“Some come to the enterprise but do not work, some do not come at all. I cannot say the number of strikers,” said Gleb Sandras.

Earlier, Belaruskali announced that all seven mines were working as planned. “Three concentrating plants are operating as planned, the plant of the First Mining Administration will continue its operation after the completion of scheduled repairs,” the report says.

Source: Interfax

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