Uralchem and Uralkali are not planning to merge

On November 17, the Russian press spread information about the merger of Uralchem and Uralkali. Everything began with the Kommersant publication which said that the main shareholder of Uralchem and Uralkali, Dmitry Mazepin, would create a common company on their basis in the next year.

According to Kommersant’s statement, it became the reason of personnel changes, which have already begun in Uralchem and Uralkali — their leaders Sergey Momtsemlidze and Dmitry Osipov have left their positions. Their functions will be temporarily performed by Uralkali’s technical director Vitaly Lauk.

The sources of Fertilizer Daily from both companies deny any fact of preparation for the merger. “Uralchem and Uralkali do not even consider the possibility of merger, and all press reports on this matter do not correspond to reality. Both companies operate as separate legal entities with their own General Directors. Sergey Momtsemlidze and Dmitry Osipov still stay on their posts,” said one of our sources.

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