The new law will define the agrochemical products

The Russian government introduced a bill providing for amendments in the definition of agrochemicals and plant protection products. The bill changes the definitions of pesticides and agrochemicals following the decision of the Commission of the Customs Union “On the Application of Sanitary Measures in the Customs Union”.

The document excludes from the definition of agrochemicals animal feed additives, defecation mud, animal waste products, bottom sediments of reservoirs, sewage sludge, and mixed mineral fertilizers.

The draft law introduces the concept of a Registrant — a manufacturer or developer (person or entity) who applied for tests of pesticide or agrochemical.

The bill shortens the time of the examination of the tests’ results of pesticides and agrochemicals from six to three months. The period of state registration is increased from two years to three years. This time is allocated for additional research, however, the practice has shown that two years are not enough to carry out these procedures.

Source: Parlamentskaya Gazeta

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