Apatit shipped a large batch of phosphogypsum to domestic client

Apatit (part of PhosAgro) supplied 9 thousand tons of phosphogypsum to the Pegas agricultural company (Saratov region) for the needs of agriculture.

The application of phosphogypsum improves the structure of the soil, increases its air and water conductivity, leaches out soluble salts, and creates favorable conditions for the development of soil biota. The introduction of phosphogypsum allows increasing the productivity of arable land and reducing costs of crop production.

“There are more than 20 million hectares of salty soils in Russia. It’s impossible to return them to the crop rotation, increase their fertility, improve the cost of the obtained products without chemical soil reclamation. Phosphogypsum is one of the products that can meet these tasks,” said the Head of Apatit’s agronomic service. “For a long time, the company has been testing the use of phosphogypsum in various agro-climatic conditions, on various soil treatment technologies and crop growing systems.”

Aleksey Biryukov, the Head of the Pegas agricultural company, has decided to apply phosphogypsum to fertilize the soil and improve its structure.

“We decided to start applying right after the harvest season,” said Aleksey Biryukov. “Currently phosphogypsum has been spread directly onto the snow layer. During the melting in spring, nutrients and trace elements contained in phosphogypsum will enter the soil. We hope that the use of phosphogypsum will improve soil’s mineral composition.

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