Acron has developed new brands of fertilizers for African farmers

Acron Group has developed new brands of NPK-fertilizers to apply under grain crops in West and East Africa. This year, the company has already shipped over 25 thousand tons of this product.

Previously, Acron Group analyzed the local agricultural practices and based on the obtained results developed new brands of NPK-fertilizers, namely 23-10-5+S+Mg+Zn, 23-9-6+S+Ca+Mg+B, 22-20+S+Ca+Zn, 20-10-10+S. They are great for growing most crops, especially corn, wheat and barley.

The main advantages of the new brands are the content of additional nutrients (calcium, magnesium, sulfur) and essential microelements (zinc and boron). These elements help to eliminate the imbalance in nutrients when growing crops. New brands of NPK-fertilizers have a minimal acidifying effect, which is especially important in African countries due to increased soil acidity.

“Along with the evolution of agricultural practices in Africa and expansion of Acron’s product line, we continue developing new compound fertilizers to meet the needs of the local market. The company has been supplying its products to the African market for many years. I am confident that with the development of new brands of complex fertilizers with additional nutrients and microelements, we will be able to expand the geography of sales on both coasts of the African continent,” said Dmitry Khabrat, Vice President Overseas at Acron Group.

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