Rustavi Azot goes on strike

Several hundred workers at the Rustavi Azot (Georgia) are holding an indefinite protest, demanding a 50% increase in wages.

According to them, the management of the enterprise promised to raise their salaries in 2019, but did not fulfill their promise and are not going to make concessions today.

The work of Rustavi Azot has been completely suspended. The entrance to it is blocked. The strikers only let the cars supplying oxygen to the clinic.

According to the participants of the action, the average monthly salary does not exceed 600 lari (about $170), which does not reflect the labor expended by them.

The leadership of Rustavi Azot expressed regret that the earlier meeting with the strikers, the purpose of which was to find a way out of the situation through a constructive dialogue, was thwarted and it was not possible to agree on anything.

“Some of the strikers have repeatedly (including at this meeting) threatened to paralyze the uninterrupted work process at the enterprise. Rustavi Azot states that infringement of a smooth working process is a criminal act, sabotage, and if such an action is attempted, the company will exercise the right granted to it by law, ” said in its statement.

Source: Sputnik

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