PhosAgro held a Field Day in the Oryol region

PhosAgro held an annual Field Day in the Oryol region. The event took place at the PhosAgro testing area located on the fields of the AgroGard agricultural holding and brought together over 200 farmers and representatives of the Oryol region administration and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

During the Field Day, PhosAgro showcased adaptive systems of mineral nutrition for soybeans and corn which are based on the innovative lines of Apaviva and Apaviva + mineral fertilizers.

For the third year, in the fields of the Oryol branch of AgroGard, PhosAgro demonstrates the efficiency of the new fertilizers with microelements of its own production: Apaviva + NP (S) + Zn 14:40 (7) + 1Zn and NPK (S) + B 15:15:15 ( 10) + 0.3V for soy. While applying the phosphorus and complex fertilizers with microelements in one granule, the extra costs of mineral nutrition were paid off by the selling of an additional volume of yield. Soybean with NPK (S) 15:15:15 (10) + 0.3V nutrition system favorably differed from the standard NPK (S) 15:15:15 (10) in more vigorous plant development.

“In recent years, our company has strengthened its position in the production of innovative fertilizers and moved beyond the production of individual nutrient components to the creation of the complex mineral nutrition for various types of soils and crops. Their effectiveness is tested on the first in Russia agricultural landfills in different climatic zones and on different soils. The results show that new product lines of PhosAgro have improved characteristics that fully meet the requirements of precision farming and the strictest environmental standards,” said PhosAgro CEO Andrey Guryev.

According to the statement of PhosAgro Marketing and Development Director Mikhail Sterkin, this Field Day will be remembered for demonstrating the results of three years of experience in using sulfoammophos and NPK-fertilizers with microelements on crops.

“We are helping PhosAgro to develop agricultural landfills in the Oryol and Krasnodar regions. This year, we will hold the first joint Field Day in the Tambov region. And the next year, we plan to add the Lipetsk region as well. Applying PhosAgro’s products, we get good results, which allows us to be among the leaders in the industry,” said AgroGard CEO Pavel Tsarev.

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