PhosAgro held a Field Day in the Saratov region

PhosAgro organizing a Field Day in the Saratov region already for the third time. This year the event was attended by representatives and heads of leading farms in the region and special guests: First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Saratov region Dmitry Upolovnikov, Minister of Industry and Energy of the Saratov region Andrey Arkhipov, Deputy Chairman of the Saratov regional Duma Olga Bolyakina, Head of the Balakovo Municipal District Evgeny Grachev, and Director of the Balakovo branch of Apatit (part of PhosAgro) Andrey Shibnev.

Minister of Industry and Energy of the Saratov region Andrey Arkhipov during his speech mentioned the importance of PhosAgro in the development of agriculture and the entire economy of the Saratov region.

“I’m glad to take part in the Field Day, which for the third time PhosAgro holds in the Saratov region, in the Balakovo District. All participants can get a lot of important and useful information firsthand, which will contribute to the achievement of high yields and an overall increase in the efficiency of agriculture in the region. I would like to especially note the contribution of the Balakovo branch of Apatit to the development of this key industry. Due to the stable operation of the enterprise, the Balakovo branch of Apatit increases the production volume, expands products range, and modernizes production, which lets farmers of the region purchase high-quality mineral fertilizers, apply them to the lands and get high yields.”

“Today we will once again conclude that high yields are impossible without the use of advanced agricultural technologies, modern equipment, and an integrated approach to maintaining soil fertility. I wish all participants to gain new knowledge for accurate, powerful, efficient production in agriculture,” said Dmitry Upolovnikov, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Saratov region.

The Director of the Balakovo branch of Apatit, Andrey Shibnev, noted that the high forecast for grain yield in the country and the Saratov region is the result of an increase in the rates of application of mineral fertilizers. According to his statement, farmers of the Saratov region annually increase the volume of purchased mineral fertilizers. During the first seven months of last year, they purchased 13.7 thousand tons, while for the same period of 2021, they acquired 5 thousand tons more.

Over the past five years, the consumption of mineral fertilizers in the Russian market has grown by one and half times to a record 4.5 million tons. According to the forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, this figure will increase significantly in the next few years.

It became possible due to the support measures for farmers as well. In mid-July, PhosAgro decided to fix prices for all types of mineral fertilizers of its own production until the end of autumn field works by October 31. In early August, the company announced discounts on ammophos and NPK-fertilizers for farmers and vegetable growers.

Andrey Shibnev is confident that Field Day 2021 will help draw attention to the brands of fertilizers that are produced not only by the Balakovo branch of Apatit but also by other enterprises of PhosAgro. These are nitrogen, phosphorus, NPK, sulfur-containing, and calcium-containing fertilizers, which totally include over 50 items.

“In the previous two years, during similar events, we showed how the use of various systems of mineral nutrition of plants helps to increase yields and efficiency from each hectare,” added Andrey Shibnev. “Today we went further. Global trends are aimed at preserving the biodiversity of our planet and reducing the carbon footprint, which is impossible without solving the issue of soil deterioration in places of active agricultural production.”

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