Turkmenistan will use manure and phosphorites to produce fertilizers

Employees of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and Turkmen Agricultural University have developed a new technology for obtaining organic fertilizers by processing poultry waste.

They used hen manure and phosphorites as raw materials. During the tests, raw materials were first cleaned of other waste, then it was grounded using a chopper machine at a ratio of solids and liquids of 1:3.5. Hen feathers were dissolved in solutions of mineral acids (sulfuric or nitric acid), the concentration of which ranges from 25% to 30%. Then phosphorite flour, with a particle size of no more than 1 mm, was added to the resulting solution, after which the crushed manure was thoroughly mixed with the resulting mixture for 30 minutes. The pH value of the mixture was adjusted to 5-6. The excess liquid in the obtained mixture was eliminated in an open container to a total moisture content of 55-58%. And finally, the received fertilizer was granulated and dried.

The total nitrogen was possible to use without losses due to solutions of mineral acids. This method is distinguished by the use of simple technology, economical efficiency, and ease of use in agriculture. The use of mineral acids makes it possible to change the properties and ratio of gases emitted from a homogeneous mixture of poultry manure, which reduces the harmful effect of waste on the environment and also prevents the loss of nitrogen.

Source: Turkmenistan: Golden Age

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