Avgust is expanding its agricultural business in Tatarstan

The Avgust company acquired a new farm located in the Kaybitsky region (Tatarstan) with a land bank of 48.5 thousand hectares. It will be called “Avgust-Kaybitsy” and will be managed by Avgust-Agro (part of Avgust). Thus, the land bank of Avgust in the region has currently grown to 228 thousand hectares.

The company has already accumulated enough seeds, mineral fertilizers, and equipment to carry out agricultural works. At the moment, Avgust is preparing autumn plowing for the 2022 season, and five units are operating in the fields. Silage is also being laid.

“The new farm under the management of Avgust-Agro is being created as part of the long-term strategy for the development of the agricultural activities in the Avgust company. We intend to implement the investment projects following the schedule. If the weather conditions are favorable, Avgust-Kaybitsy will soon start sowing winter wheat in its fields,” said Aydar Galyautdinov, Director of Avgust-Agro.

Today, Avgust-Agro manages 228 thousand hectares of land in Tatarstan, of which 188 thousand hectares is arable land. The total bank of agricultural land of Avgust-Agro reaches 247 thousand hectares, including all farms in the Krasnodar region, Chuvashia and Kazakhstan.

Avgust is one of the largest producers of plant protection products in Russia.

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