Avgust-Agro plans to restore 16 thousand hectares of abandoned land

Avgust-Agro (part of Avgust) is expanding its sown area in Tatarstan by returning disturbed soils to the crop rotation. By the end of 2021, it’s planned to return about 16 thousand hectares of unused agricultural land. Another 6 thousand hectares are to be restored in 2022 by the Avgust-Kaybitsy farming enterprise, land assets of which have recently become part of the Agroproject of the Avgust company.

Some farms have already completed the restoration of agricultural land. In 2021, farming enterprises Avgust-Leninogorsk and Avgust-Muslyum processed 4 thousand and 2 thousand hectares, respectively. The most significant area of abandoned land of 10 thousand hectares will be returned to the crop rotation on the territory of the farming enterprise Avgust-Kamskoye Ustye.

“Some lands have been abandoned for 15 years or more. Our goal is to level the soil there and destroy the root system of perennial weeds. After processing with a deep tiller, the fields are leveled with a disk harrow,” said Aydar Galyautdinov, Director of Avgust-Agro.

On the returned fields, Avgust-Agro will apply No-Till technology, and to prepare these areas for the 2022 sowing season and continue weed control, the company will treat the soil with herbicide.

Different crops are assumed to be sown, however, preference is given to sunflowers. To protect its seeds, the company has developed herbicides, which will preserve the first harvest and defeat the remnants of weeds.

As of today, Avgust-Agro in Tatarstan manages 228 thousand hectares of land.

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