Russian regional authorities propose to control fertilizer prices

According to the statement of the Governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko, the mechanism of state regulation of prices for mineral fertilizers is necessary for Russia to support the growth of labor productivity at enterprises.

“As long as companies can get value not due to an increase in the labor productivity, but due to an increase in prices, they will take the easier path of the price rising. Therefore, we need a real mechanism here that would be able to control the situation. Although I’m not a supporter of state regulation, we won’t achieve an increase in labor productivity without such a mechanism,” said Alexander Drozdenko.

As Alexander Drozdenko reports, in 2020, the companies producing mineral fertilizers have noticeably raised the prices. “One of their arguments was that we should note the situation in the global markets. The prices for mineral fertilizers have raised sharply, and why we should sell on the domestic market with such a discount,” said the Governor.

Source: TASS

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