The harvest of grain crops in Russia may fall

Russian Grain Union has lowered its forecast for grain harvest in Russia in 2021 to 118 million tons, including wheat of 75 million tons, said Union President Arkadiy Zlochevskiy.

“The weather conditions in Russia are not as favorable as was predicted in spring. Therefore, we’re declining the forecast for the gross harvest to 118 million tons, of which wheat is 75 million tons. This is a big difference compared to our previous forecast for wheat of 82-83 million tons,” said Mr. Zlochevskiy.

As of August 16, the forecast of the Russian Grain Union for grain harvest was 127.5 million tons, including 80 million tons of wheat. According to the statement of Arkadiy Zlochevskiy, the weather had a strong impact on the yield, and as a result, the harvesting process shows a serious lag in all crops, primarily wheat.

Source: Prime

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