Agro scouting is in demand in Russia

Technologies determining the fact of crop loss are widely used in agriculture, however, they do not help to prevent it. Digital Agro has launched agro scouting — a new solution that controls agricultural production technologies. By combining offline crop monitoring and digital solutions, farmers receive objective data analytics to prevent losses during the growth of a particular crop, Thomas Dorenwendt, Deputy CEO of Digital Agro, during his speech at the Russian Crop Production — 2021/22 conference, organized by the Agroinvestor journal.

Mr. Dorenwendt explained that at the beginning of agro scouting, specialists of Digital Agro gather information from agricultural companies on the used technologies and determine control points. The schedule of the fieldwork and all data are recorded in the information system. Based on satellite images and machine learning algorithms, agro scouts determine fertility zones and identify anomalies in the growing of crops. After which they conduct monitoring and record all information into a mobile application, which allows tracking the received data in real time. It helps to analyze the deviations from the given technology of growing crops and mistakes made by the client’s production service. At the end of the season, business owners are provided with the final report and recommendations in digital format.

“As a result, our clients prevent future losses and develop their personnel,” noted Thomas Dorenwendt, adding that the agro scouting services are in demand in various regions of Russia, from the central part to the Amur region.

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