Fertilizer from sawdust was developed in the Far East

Research and development center Ecosystem (the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur) has developed a technology that accelerates the natural process of decomposition of wood waste hundreds of times. As a result, during one working shift of 8 hours, sawdust becomes an organic fertilizer, which is now being tested on the gardens of the center’s employees.

“We had a task to develop equipment that converts biological resources, which naturally decompose for hundreds and thousands of years, into useful fertilizers in a few hours. We have created such equipment in two years. It allows turning waste into a nutrient base for bacteria. These bacteria process the waste until no harmful substances remain. The obtained product is called humic paste, which is added into fertilizer,” said the Director of Ecosystem Oleg Zisser.

Source: Komsomolsky Today

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