Small farms in Russia may face a lack of fertilizers

Many Russian farmers cannot receive mineral fertilizers due to the small volume of their purchases, said Member of the Federation Council Lyudmila Talabayeva during a meeting on the situation in the agro-industrial complex and the food market.

“They cannot purchase fertilizers in the amount they need. Today, the mineral fertilizer producers must be ready to supply both large and small volumes of their products to agricultural holdings and farms,” she said.

Lyudmila Talabayeva also raised the issue of mineral fertilizer pricing.
“Otherwise, we will face a sharp increase in fertilizer prices in spring, and many farms will not receive them at all. Their harvest will decrease, and then we will again get a rise in food prices,” she stressed.

And finally, Lyudmila Talabayeva noted the issue of a large number of intermediaries in the supply chain of mineral fertilizers.

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