Azomures suspends operations due to high gas prices

Romanian fertilizer producer Azomures will suspend its operations due to high gas and electricity prices.

“The natural gas prices provided by our suppliers do not allow us to continue our activities. Many European companies have reduced or stopped production. The resumption of operations at our plants depends on prices for natural gas and its availability in the market. We expect January and February to be the most difficult months that we need to get through,” said Azomures CEO Harri Kiiski.

According to his statement, the current energy crisis affects the mineral fertilizer industry both in Europe and around the world. Russia, China, Turkey, and Egypt limited their exports, which led to a crisis in European agriculture as well.

Azomures produces ammonium and calcium-ammonium nitrate, carbamide, carbamide-ammoniac compound, and NPK fertilizers. The company accounts for 10% of natural gas consumption in Romania.

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