Udmurtia will expand crops and export of flax

Deputy Prime Minister of Udmurtia Olga Abramova reported to Fertilizer Daily that in 2022, Udmurtia plans to increase flax crops from 7 thousand hectares up to 8 thousand hectares.

Flax growing is currently one of the leading branches of agriculture in the region. Udmurtia has favorable conditions for growing flax — optimal natural and climatic conditions and suitable arable soils. In terms of flax collection, Udmurtia is the leader among the regions of Russia.

“Over the past 10 years, the flax crop in Udmurtia has been growing steadily. However, at the end of 2021, due to drought, it decreased to 3.9 thousand tons, while in 2022 we expect it to increase,” said Olga Abramova.

In January this year, the local flax plant shipped the first batch of the cottonized flax to China. It’s planned to further expand its export deliveries.

“Flax has a very wide range of applications from the manufacture of fabrics to the manufacture of materials for the needs of the car industry. Therefore, the government of our region will continue to promote the development of flax growing to increase flax sowing, its processing and sale in the domestic and global markets,” said Olga Abramova.

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