Udmurtia completes sowing of spring crops

Udmurtia evaluated the results of the sowing campaign in the region. The early start of the field works was the main adjustment of this year. Farmers set to work in April, which is almost a month earlier than a year before. As the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia reported, there wasn’t such an early ripening of fields in Spring in recent years.

Udmurtia has completed the sowing of early spring crops. Agricultural enterprises exceeded the plans for sowing crops such as cereals and leguminous (101% completed or on 1.5 thousand hectares more than planned), rape plants (113% or 1.5 thousand hectares more) and linen flax (107% or 656 hectares more).

As a whole, spring and leguminous crops occupy the area of 286.4 thousand hectares, linen flax takes the area of 5.041 thousand hectares and rape plants 13.382 thousand hectares. On average, farmers applied 21.9 kg of mineral fertilizers per hectare of crops. The maximum indicator among the regions of Udmurtia was 56 kg per hectare.

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