Rusagro slightly increased the cultivated area in Russia

Rusagro Group completed the sowing campaign in all regions of its presence. The total cultivated area increased by 2 thousand hectares (+0.4% compared to the same period in 2021), amounting to 543 thousand hectares. The growth is explained by the introduction of fallow lands into the crop rotation.

The structure of crops in 2022 has not changed much. 43% and 37% of area was sown with oilseeds and grains, respectively (+1% and -1%) and sugar beet accounted for 17% (+1%).

Grain crops decreased by 3 thousand hectares (-1%) to 202 thousand hectares. The decrease happened due to the death of winter wheat last season and the crop rotation. Oilseeds grew by 6 thousand hectares (+3%) to 233 thousand hectares as a result of the expansion of the area under soybeans. The area under sugar beet increased by 3 thousand hectares (+4%) to 93 thousand hectares.

A slight increase in other crops is associated with experimental crops of chickpeas, flax, oats, triticale and lentils.

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