The harvest of grain in the Kursk region may reach 5.5 million tons

The press-service of the Kursk government reported that the sowing campaign in the region starts in April.

This year, the area under crops will amount to 1.7 million hectares, and sowings for spring crops, oilseeds and sugar beet will be increased. The seeds of grain and leguminous crops, soybean, rapeseed and sugar beet have been prepared In full. The corn and sunflower seeds have been provided by 90% in the Kursk region, the remaining deliveries are scheduled for early April. The purchases of mineral fertilizers are almost completed.

In 2021, the Kursk region harvested 4.8 million tons of grain, 3.6 million tons of sugar beet and over a million tons of oilseeds. In 2022, it is forecasted to harvest 5.5 million tons of grain, 4.5 million tons of sugar beets and 1.3 million tons of oilseeds.

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