Earth is threatened by large-scale soil degradation

The intensive development of agriculture on the planet, combined with the irrational use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides, can lead to dire consequences: by 2050, half of the agricultural land in the world may completely degrade and become unsuitable for growing any crops.

The cultivation of crops is already becoming more difficult due to the deterioration of the soil and the loss of moisture. At the same time, their ability to absorb and store carbon decreases.

“Soil degradation affects agriculture and biodiversity and ultimately human health by reducing their access to clean water and exacerbating drought events,” said Ibrahim Thiaw, Secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification.

Ibrahim Thiaw believes that the governments of various countries and private businesses should invest $1.6 trillion in the next ten years in the restoration of fertility of 1 billion hectares of degraded lands. For comparison, $700 billion is spent annually on subsidizing agriculture.

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