Digital Agro introduced its CyberHectare digital services platform

Digital Agro (part of Uralchem) took part in the Archipelago-2022 project and educational workshop organized for the leading companies of the National Technology Initiative (NTI). During the event, the company showcased its project CyberHectare.

CyberHectare is an integration platform for the development of digital services for the agro-industrial complex. The project is mainly focused on creating a positive economic effect for agriculture in general. The goal will be achieved through the development of partner services, Russian digital agro-technological services and the domestic production of devices.

In the framework of the Archipelago-2022, Digital Agro held a strategic session with colleagues from NTI and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) to determine specific steps and goals, form a working group and appoint responsible persons.

The CyberHectare project team will continue the close cooperation with NTI, ASI and competence centers to successfully bring the project to the market. The implementation of such projects will ramp up the creation of digital twins of all used fields in Russia to manage the crop business based on data.

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