Russian farmers are close to fulfill the purchasing plan

As the Ministry of Russia reports, during the seven months of this year, domestic farmers and agricultural enterprises increased their purchases of mineral fertilizers by 17% to 3.84 million tons.

Thus, the expected volume of mineral fertilizers, which should be purchased by Russian farmers, has already been completed by 77% of the planned level of 5 million tons.

The President of the Russian Fertilizer Producers Association (RFPA), Andrey Guryev, expressed confidence that domestic fertilizer producers would fully meet the stated forecast figure of 5 million tons.

“RFPA participants always fulfill the supply plan in the agro-industrial complex of Russia. The existing production capacities are sufficient to ensure both domestic demand and export revenue to the budget,” Andrey Guryev emphasized. “There are currently preparations for the autumn field work, due to which we appeal to the regional management bodies of the agro-industrial complex to control the farmers’ purchases of the volumes announced earlier. It’s necessary to ensure smooth operations of thousands of teams of fertilizer production enterprises, the reliability and timeliness of supplies, the rate of accumulation of products in the regions.”

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