Yara will cut ammonia output

The Norwegian producer of mineral fertilizers Yara International (hereinafter Yara) will reduce the capacity of its European ammonia plants by 65%. As a result, the production of ammonia will fall by 3.1 million tons, carbamide – by 1.8 million tons, ammonium nitrate – by 1.9 million tons, NPK fertilizers – by 0.3 million tons.

“Yara will use its global supply chain to secure supply of raw materials to the plants and meet customer demand. It will continue to monitor the situation and adapt to market conditions,” the company’s press-release says.

The historically high cost of natural gas was cited as the reason for the decrease in ammonia production.

“The current natural gas prices in Europe have reached $3.2 thousand per 1 thousand cubic meters, therefore, it’s not surprising that Yara made such a decision. The rise in natural gas prices was a consequence of Western sanctions against Russia, which backfire, hitting the European chemical industry,” commented the information and analytical service of Fertilizer Daily.

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