Lifosa plans to restart operations in December

The Lifosa plant (Lithuania) intends to resume the production of phosphorus fertilizers in the first week of December this year. This decision was made by the company’s leadership after reaching an agreement on the purchase of the necessary raw materials.

In March, authorities of the European Union imposed sanctions against Andrey Melnichenko, the owner of EuroChem, which includes Lifosa. After that, the accounts of Lifosa were blocked and it was forced to stop.

Later, the Ministry of Finance of Lithuania allowed Lifosa to resume work under supervision. Then there was information about the restart of Lifosa in June and the withdrawal of 240 employees from forced downtime. As a result, the plant was restarted only in August but in September it was stopped again.

Lifosa produces about 1 million tons of products, mainly monoammonium and diammonium phosphate, supplying them to the European Union.

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