The carbamide-ammoniac compound raised in price in the Stavropol region

This month, ammonium nitrate in the Stavropol region increased in price compared to November 2021 by 11% to 24.750 thousand rubles per 1 ton (approximately $410), while the carbamide-ammoniac compound (with a nitrogen content of 32%) – by 9% to 28 thousand rubles (about $460). At the same time, NPK fertilizers rose in price by 7% to 31.7 thousand rubles ($522), ammophos – by 5% to 61.8 thousand rubles (over $1 thousand), however, the prices for sulfoammophos increased only by 1% to 47.7 thousand rubles (about $785), reports the Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol region.

Compared to October 2022, the prices for mineral fertilizers in the region remained unchanged, except for the carbamide-ammoniac compound – its cost has increased by 9%.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol region, in the second half of this year, the volume of purchases of mineral fertilizers is 387 thousand tons. As of today, 279.4 thousand tons, or 72% of the planned volume, have been stocked.

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