Agroholding Step will develop a smart pesticides spraying system

Agroholding “Step” will act as an industrial partner in the development of an intelligent system for Russian self-propelled sprayers. Previously, such equipment was presented only by foreign manufacturers. It will help to replace foreign brands and expand the possibilities of using domestically produced equipment.

The new development is a set of software and a system of “smart” sensors. Thanks to machine vision, the system analyzes the field surface, distinguishes weeds, and provides differentiated application of plant protection products.

The intelligent system will dose the application of the solution depending on the weediness of the field, as well as automatically adjust the sprayer relative to the field relief, which will allow farmers to treat plants from the optimal height, increasing the effect and eliminating overspending.

Agroholding “Step” has developed a technical task, on the basis of which manufacturers of sprayers will start designing a new system. Within the framework of the agro-industrial complex of the country, such Russian-made equipment will be presented for the first time. Field trials will take place on the farms of the Step agricultural holding in 2023. If the tests are successfully completed, industrial production will begin in 2024.

“We believe that one of the most important tasks of the agricultural holding is to promote the digital transformation of agriculture. The creation of new samples of domestic equipment, software, and other infrastructure is an important step in a long journey, the ultimate goal of which is effective import substitution and technological sovereignty of the Russian agro-industrial complex. This is possible thanks to the synergy of best practices,” said Andrey Neduzhko, General Director of the agroholding “Step”.

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