Lifosa may appeal sanctions

The Lifosa plant (Lithuania), which fell under the sanctions imposed by the European authorities against the ex-owner of EuroChem that includes Lifosa Andrey Melnichenko, received a chance to appeal against its inclusion in the black list, said the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania.

“Lifosa will be able to re-apply for removal from the list of sanctioned entities, where it was included at the direction of the Lithuanian Financial Crime Investigation Service, which monitors the sanctions regime,” the court ruling says.

In October 2022, the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court refused to consider the complaint of Lifosa and noticed that Lifosa overstayed the time for filing it. As the company noted in its claim to the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania, it did not receive a notification of being included in the sanctions list at all. Thus, the legal term for appealing against it in court can’t be expired.

Source: TASS

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