Turkey wants to replace Russia on the European market

The discovery of natural gas deposits at the bottom of the Black Sea will allow Turkey to become a major supplier of nitrogen fertilizers to the world market, said Metin Gunes, president of the Association of Importers and Producers of Mineral Fertilizers of Turkey.

According to the statement of Metin Gunes, Turkey’s agriculture annually needs 7 million tons of mineral fertilizers, half of which are nitrogen fertilizers.

“Turkey produces 50-55% of the mineral fertilizers it needs, the rest is imported from abroad. Also, 95% of the raw materials needed for their production are imported,” Metin Gunes said.

Thanks to the development of natural gas deposits discovered in recent years in the Black Sea, Turkey will be able to increase the production of nitrogen fertilizers in the long term, fully satisfying the needs of agriculture and start supplying them abroad, primarily to Europe.

“Until recently, Russia accounted for 45% of imports of nitrogen fertilizers to Europe,” Metin Gunes emphasized, thereby pointing to the opportunities for the expansion of Turkish products to the European market.

Source: Yeni Akit

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