Farmers of the Stavropol region stock up on mineral fertilizers

Farmers and agricultural enterprises of the Stavropol region are preparing for the upcoming spring fieldwork, purchasing mineral fertilizers and repairing equipment.

“The Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol region, together with the agricultural departments of urban and municipal districts, studied the need for mineral fertilizers. Based on the monitoring results, farmers prepared a plan for the purchase of mineral fertilizers in the first half of 2023. The need for them for spring fieldwork is about 337 thousand tons,” said Elena Tambovtseva, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Stavropol region.

The application of nitrogen fertilizers during the spring period is predicted on an area of 1.559 million hectares and foliar fertilizing to improve grain quality – on an area of 404.8 thousand hectares. Industrial crops are responsive to mineral fertilizers, therefore, in 2023, the application of mineral fertilizers is planned on 310.4 thousand hectares, for fodder crops – on 18.1 thousand hectares, and for fallow crops in 2024 – 9.5 thousand hectares.

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