EuroChem has freezed fertilizer prices for farmers of the Stavropol region

Governor of the Stavropol region, Vladimir Vladimirov, and General Director of EuroChem Trading Rus (part of EuroChem), Evgeny Onatskiy, signed a cooperation agreement. It’s aimed at the sustainable provision of farmers of the Stavropol region with mineral fertilizers. Deliveries will be carried out following the demand and concluded contracts.

“The Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol region reports the need for mineral fertilizers at 275 thousand tons for the next year. We guarantee the fulfillment of these volumes, and the price will be frozen until the end of 2021. The sowing campaign will be provided in full as well,” noted Evgeny Onatskiy.

“The agreement gives confidence that the Stavropol region will receive mineral fertilizers, and their price won’t depend on fluctuations in the cost of gas in Europe and export prices,” said Vladimir Vladimirov.

Earlier, Vladimir Vladimirov instructed the regional government to develop measures to protect the interests of agricultural producers of the Stavropol region amid the global rise in prices for mineral fertilizers.

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